Month: July 2015

Assignment Operator

DECLARE @test INT; Truncate table #TableName SET @test = 1; SET @a = ( SELECT TableNameID FROM #TableName where (1=2)); Print @a — result NULL SET @test = 1; SELECT @a=TableNameID FROM #TableName where (1=2); Print @a — result 1 Read more →

windows.location navigation error

If beforeupload function is attached to windows and any event/ function changes the windows.location and we choose “Stay on this page” it will through error. We need to use try catch for the solution. binding beforunload event for page $(window).on(‘beforeunload’, function(e){ return “must”  }); following code is solution for if we called ajax call and using callback with change windows… Read more →

Is form is durty

function GetFormData() { oForm.Add(‘span’, $(‘span:not(:disabled)’).toEnumerable().ToObject(“i=>i.attr(‘name’)”, “i=>(‘:disabled’)?”:i.text())”)); oForm.Add(‘input’, $(“input:not(:disabled)”).toEnumerable().ToObject(“i=>i.attr(‘name’)”, “i=>i.val()”)); } function isModifiedForm(au) { var oChangeForm = $.Enumerable.Empty().ToDictionary(); oChangeForm.Add(‘span’, $(‘span:not(:disabled)’).toEnumerable().ToObject(“i=>i.attr(‘name’)”, “i=>(‘:disabled’)?”:i.text())”)); oChangeForm.Add(‘input’, $(“input:not(:disabled)”).toEnumerable().Where(“i=>i.attr(‘name’)!=’tags’”).ToObject(“i=>i.attr(‘name’)”, “i=>i.val()”)); var tempEnumB=Enumerable.From(oChangeForm.Get(“input”)); var tempEnumA=Enumerable.From(oChangeForm.Get(“input”)); var NoofInputChanged = false; var NoofSpanChanged = false;   var hasInputChanges = tempEnumB.Count() != tempEnumA.Count(); if (hasInputChanges) { NoofInputChanged = tempEnumB.Join(tempEnumA, “i=>i.Key”, “o=>o.Key”, “i,o=>{K:i.Key, IsEq:(i.value==o.value)}”).Where(“x=>x.IsEq==false”).Count(); }   tempEnumB=Enumerable.From(oChangeForm.Get(“span”)); tempEnumA=Enumerable.From(oChangeForm.Get(“span”));   var hasSpanChanges =… Read more →

SQL Server Data Type Mappings

  SQL Server Database Engine type .NET Framework type SqlDbType enumeration SqlDataReader SqlTypes typed accessor DbType enumeration SqlDataReader DbType typed accessor bigint Int64 BigInt GetSqlInt64 Int64 GetInt64 binary Byte[] VarBinary GetSqlBinary Binary GetBytes bit Boolean Bit GetSqlBoolean Boolean GetBoolean char String Char[] Char GetSqlString AnsiStringFixedLength, String GetString GetChars date (SQL Server 2008 and later) DateTime Date GetSqlDateTime Date GetDateTime datetime… Read more →

Delete from remote repository

$ git checkout master $ git pull $ git checkout -b branchName Delete and then re-create the branchName branch #this deletes your local copy of the branch $ git branch -d branchName #this deletes the branch from the remote repository $ git push origin : branchName $ git checkout master $ git pull $ git checkout -b branchName Read more →